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Automotive - Mobile Audio and Video Equipment


Your vehicle is just as much your personal space as your home, sometimes even more private. You want it to be comfortable, just like your home. Sundown One boasts once again the best showrooms in town (or possibly the world, but we’ll be a little modest for now). Your mobile experience with Sundown One will be different than anywhere else because we understand the uniqueness of taste. No one agrees on everything, which is why Sundown will build you a system based on you, and not based on the “hot” items of the day. Not everyone wants to be heard 20 blocks away, and many people don’t want anyone else to hear them at all. Of course, for those people who do want to be heard… we can do that, too.

At Sundown One, you are out of excuses to shop elsewhere.


Superior sound quality begins before the amp. Most of Sundown One's aftermarket radios also include iPod integration, mp3 compatibility, Bluetooth, satellite radio, steering-wheel control interface, and other convenient features.

Sundown One provides high quality head units made to fit a variety of purposes. We probably have one for every single person out there (well, we may not have eight-billion head units, but let's focus on what matters: quality, and we do have that).

A company that has been delivering top-of-the-line products for all the years they've been around. Easy to use, excellent sound quality, and one of the most reliable names in the industry.

Cutting-edge, offering features before anyone else on the market, JVC is one of the broadest research companies on the planet. Everything they do, they do well. JVC delivers a wide array of features at extremely aggressive prices.

It’s one thing to hear the’s another thing to feel it. There is a subwoofer for everyone. We believe this, and we’ll make you believe it, too. There are subwoofers for classical music, Southern rock, country, rap, Christian rock, heavy-metal, and anything else you can think of (even Viking or Opera metal). Whether you are looking for clean, subtle, tight, low, loud, obnoxious, tasteful, or even tasteless, we can do it!

Prefabricated Enclosures
If you are looking for a well-built box and don’t want to spend a great deal of money, Sundown One provides pre-made enclosures, both ported and sealed, for all types of subwoofers. All of our pre-made enclosures are made from high-quality ¾” MDF.

Custom Enclosures
If you are looking to maximize the performance of your subwoofers, you will be quite pleased with Sundown One’s custom-built enclosures. We have the tools, the software, and the knowledge to build boxes that are 100% to spec with the brands that we sell. The performance difference is night-and-day between our boxes and any pre-fabricated enclosure. If you want to get serious, this is the way to go.

Good sound comes from good speakers. Good speakers come from Sundown One. All sizes and all prices, we have speakers for all vehicles and all budgets. We also have speakers for all types of ears. Soft, bright, natural, we have it all.

You are only as good as your weakest link. Sundown One doesn't believe in amps that say "1200 watts" and have little fuses in them. Our 1200 watt amps have massive fuses. Whether it's a four-channel, two-channel, or monoblock amplifier, it should be quality.

A company primarily known for its reliable, high-quality head units, Alpine also offers a broad range of speakers, amps, and subwoofers. As per usual, their products are solid.

A smaller, privately owned company that has managed to climb its way to the top of the industry. The industry's best warranties, powerful amps, clean speakers, and subwoofers to accommodate anyone's preference, this company does it all right.

Ah, the invention of the DVD player for your vehicle – where parents and children come together for enjoyable trips on the road. Get one installed and your trips will never be the same. In fact, we dare to say they will be much quieter. No more "Are we there yet?" comments, but you may get an "I'm not done yet" one.

Sundown One offers overhead monitors for virtually every vehicle out there, as well as head-rest monitors for those vehicles with appropriate head rests. Either option will serve the purpose: quiet car rides. Vehicle DVD players are the ultimate pacifiers.

Your boat is often your home away from home in the summer months. Make it enjoyable with a waterproof sound system. Let us look at your boat (we do consultations for no charge). Our installation bays are large enough to handle most any size boat and trailer. Or if it's a nice enough day, maybe we'll work on our tans while we work on your boat outside! Either way, we'll get you loud and proud out on the water.

We carry accessories for whatever your need may be. Maybe you have a lot of subs: Lights dimming? Add a Memphis capacitor or a Kinetik battery. Electrical system shutting down? Add an alternator. We can take care of either issue. We also have all of the wiring and interfaces you might need to get a job done.

Automotive accessories include Rearview mirror monitors, backup cameras, neons and LEDS, Hushmat, iPod cables, power and ground wires, batteries, capacitors, 2/4/6 channel line-output-converters, GM side-post adapters, RCA's, fuses, fuse holders, remote wire, speaker wire, subwoofer enclosures, complete installation kits, dash kits, wiring harnesses, antenna adapters, speaker size adapters, distribution blocks, auxiliary audio inputs, FM modulators, wireless headphones for video systems, video amps, replacement remote start transmitters and more.

We carry remote start and security systems by Viper. No longer do you have to trudge out through the snow and get in a freezing cold car. Warm it up comfortably from the warmth of your own home.

The leader in remote start and security systems. Range is no longer an issue. Their basic units can function from up to 2000 feet away. Not enough? How about up to 1 mile away? Still not enough? How about unlimited?!? Using Viper's new Smart Start module, you can use your iPhone (or other compatible device) to start your car from anywhere. (I'm supposed to put an asterisk, because you could be in a black hole area like East Jebru, where nothing works.)

For those who seek better sound quality, tighter bass, and a more controlled listening environment, Hushmat is for you.

Neons. LED's. Undercar kits. Tailgate strips. These guys do lighting. Lots of lighting.

Lights dimming? Need more power? You need Kinetik! For pure high-current power, these guys take second place to no one.