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Residential - Home Audio and Video Electronics

With the best showrooms in town, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of home audio and video products we carry. Your experience with Sundown One goes beyond just the product – we offer professional installation and we’ll show you how to use the products inside your home so you can use your new toys to the best of their abilities. And if you ever have questions about anything, you can simply pick up the phone and call us. You will get an answer with a real, live, human voice.

We don’t expect you to ever, ever pay more to shop from us. We do, however, expect you to be treated better shopping with us. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy your experience with us. Oh, and we’ll match or beat any competitor in town. Period.

Trade Ins
Thinking about an upgrade? Sundown One is the only place in town that will take your older model of home audio equipment in trade for new equipment.

Home Theater
Larger than life action, surround sound that you can feel in your heart, just the right temperature and nearby restrooms... Bring the magic of the cinema right to your home.

Epson makes projectors, among numerous other products. However, they are the inventors of the 3-Chip LCD technology that most projectors feature today. They are able to build outstanding products for very reasonable prices. It is a challenge to find another projector that will outperform an Epson for a remotely similar price. That's why we carry them. They do what no one else can.

Runco makes high-end projectors and video monitors. They specialize in DLP and LED projectors, and plasma TV's. They feature color and motion as no one else does. Their projectors are genuinely top-notch and are considered by many to be the best projector built, period.

ELITE has been making TV's and video monitors for many years. They have always had the same reputation. They are the best. They currently offer two large size LED/LCD monitors: a 60" and a 70". Both sets are THX and ISF certified. Their color is second to none. Their motion processing is second to none. Simply put, they are the best TV's offered on the market today.

Some people say that an audio-video system is only as good as the speakers. Others say the source (CD player, DVD player, turntable) is the most important component (but the people who say that are generally source manufacturers.)

Sundown One sells speakers from some very famous and prestigious manufacturers.

Bowers & Wilkins
Also known as B&W. B&W is an English speaker manufacturer with high-end credentials. B&W provides the monitor speakers for Abbey Road studios.

Sundown has been selling Klipsch loudspeakers since 1979. Klipsch is an American speaker manufacturer, founded in the 1940s in Hope, Arkansas. Today Klipsch is a world-wide success.

Klipsch speakers are very efficient, which means they play loud with very little power.

Definitive Technology
Definitive is also an American company, and highly reviewed. They are based in Maryland, and build some unusual products (bi-polar speakers, sound bars, sub-satellite systems, etc.)

Very high-end electrostatic speakers, made in Lawrence, Kansas.

The electronics you choose will depend on the speakers you choose. We recommend you pick out your speakers first, and then we'll find the appropriate electronics.

An industry-leading electronics innovator boasting the only complete THX rated receiver line. They offer stereo receiver, networkable surround receivers, iPod integration, pre-amps, power amps, DVD/SACD players, CD changers, and THX certified Blu-ray players. All Integra products carry a three years parts and labor warranty.

The high-end line of electronics. They offer power amps, integrated amps, surround sound processing, Blu-ray players, CD/SACD players, and more. If you want the absolute best, choose McIntosh. Oh, and they are made exclusively in the U.S.A.

A high-end, but not insanely expensive, line of electronics. Imported by B&W but otherwise unrelated to B&W.

These guys do everything! From pianos to motorcycles to home electronics. Yamaha offers a wide variety of prices and products. Stereo receivers, surround receivers, sound-bars, iPod solutions, Blu-ray players, CD players, they do it all.

Can't run wires? Don't like wires? Sonos specializes in everything wireless. They offer whole-house audio systems that stand alone or integrate into your existing audio system. They also have a soundbar that offers 3.0 channel surround sound. Want 3.1? Add their subwoofer. Want 5.1? Add a couple of their wireless speaker systems. They cover all bases.

From plasma to LCD/LED to projectors to rear projection TV's, we carry the brands you want and can trust.

An American manufacturer of TV's and projectors. They set the definitive standard for motion processing and color. Come in and see what a real American electronics manufacturer can provide. If you want the absolute best, you want Runco.

The brick-layer for front projectors. Their 3-LCD chip is in virtually every manufacturer's projector. They also have their own's pretty good.

Of the big panel manufacturers, Sharp could be argued to be the best. Perhaps this is why "Elite" is letting Sharp build their TV's? Or perhaps it's because they offer the only four-color display on the market? Why don't you be the judge and come see one.

From zero to hero, this Korean manufacturer has gone from nothing to the leader in flat-panel TV's in a very short time. They lead the way with the thinnest TV's on the market.

Manufacturer of great plasma and LED TV's with exceptional quality. They are also the industry's most reliable brand.

The Japanese industrial giant makes a fine line of rear projectors.

Sundown One sells a wide variety of accessories for all sorts of applications. There is an answer for any question.

Home accessories include universal remote controls, HDMI cables, RCA cables, speaker wire, interconnects, wireless speaker options, iPod docks, iPod cables, speaker stands, speaker mounts and more.

AudioQuest is a company whose slogan is 'Hi-Fi is for Idiots, like us.' That should tell you that they take things seriously. Just enough so that they're the best at what they do--HDMI cables, speaker cables, A/V interconnects, stereo cables, power cables, and even Nintendo Wii cables! We carry them because they are the best.

Once upon a time, Sundown One was unsure how much of a difference cables could make (because everyone out there is an "expert" and it's hard to separate objective from subjective reviews). Then, we took the famous AudioQuest-Boombox Challenge. We now know and understand the difference that cables make, and we credit AudioQuest with clearing the fog and allowing us to see and experience the difference. We invite you to do the same.

Sanus makes...well, almost everything. TV mounts, A/V furniture, speaker stands, power strips, line-conditioners, A/V racks, and a few other miscellaneous items. Their products are well made, well priced, and their company is wonderful to work with. We've used them for years, and we intend to keep things that way.

SurgeX is the only product manufacturer on the market that provides absolute coverage against all electrical failures. They have numerous patents to reinforce such a claim. They protect against over/under voltage, spikes, surges, and all those exciting current-manipulating events that destroy electrical equipment. SurgeX has a variety of products and seems to design something for everyone, or every application. They are the real thing, and we're proud to carry them.


Salamander Designs
Specializing in high-quality products, Salamander provides first class home A/V furniture and theater seating, as well as a few other neat odds and ends.

Sanus makes affordable, quality products that are designed for a variety of uses. Their furniture ranges dramatically in style from more traditional to contemporary. They generally have something for everyone.